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May 3, 2022


FedEx Corporation, is an American multinational company focused on transportation, e-commerce and services. FedEx today is best known for its air delivery service, FedEx Express, which was one of the first major shipping companies to offer overnight delivery as a flagship service. FedEx delivers to your doorstep, so a large fleet has been acquired, through collaborating transport companies worldwide to serve this purpose.


Since FedEx does not have company-owned trucks but only uses subcontractors, there has always been a need to put them under one monitoring tool and coordinate their daily routine seeking for accuracy and high-quality service towards their customers.


Skytrack, could offer them more than just basic level telematic services. We created a network that each contractor could monitor his own fleet and at the same time a Fleet Manager from FedEx headquarters could have access to all subcontractors’ fleets and make sure that everything is done according to schedule.

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