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December 22, 2021


The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation or ERT is the state-owned public radio and television broadcaster of Greece. It was founded in 1938 in Athens. It is consistent of the following TV stations: ERT1, ERT2, ERT3, ERT Sports, ERT World and Ertflix. It broadcasts at the following areas: Greece, (and parts of Turkey, Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria). ERT owns 50 OB vans (television productions trucks) to cover on-going news broadcast, throughout Greece.


What was most important for ERT, was to find a Telematics Services provider, that would be both reliable and flexible at the same time. The OB vans that carry the TV crews, must be perfectly monitored, and organized to be on the spot for every incident that must be broadcasted. A fleet coordinator should have an overview of the fleet, in detail, so he could be able to accurately calculate the time of arrival of a van from one place to the next to broadcast the news on time.


The solution to this challenge was that the fleet coordinators of ERT, had to take advantage of all the software modules that the platform already contains. They had to familiarize with every tool within the platform that could help them monitor the OB vans, estimate their course, their time of arrival in a place of interest, the duration of their stay there etc. They had to be able to export reports and statistics of all data to assure that everything was done according to plan, avoiding mistakes and additional costs.

Our experienced engineers and all Skytrack support team, were constantly on communication with ERT’s fleet coordinators. We used fast track seminars and high-level educational trainings to pass on the knowledge and make all coordinators, capable of achieving the maximum performance of their fleet.

The efficiency of ERT’s fleet was significantly improved immediately after execution of this project.

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