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June 13, 2022
Poultry Cooperative


In 1958, 7 farmers from Ioannina, at the urging of the World Council of Churches, decided to engage in poultry production as a supplement to their income.

This was the beginning for the establishment of APSI PINDOS, a cooperative that sealed the course of Greek poultry farming with its name. And since then a lot has changed…..the 7 members have grown to more than 500, the 2 employees are now over 1,200, while the production of 5000 chickens per week amounts to 850,000 chickens per week.


Being the largest Cooperative in Greek Poultry, Pindos needed a Telematics provider that would ensure a smooth routing while making sure that the cooling conditions in the trucks would be appropriate in order to ensure an excellent product quality.

Moreover Pindos needed a way to monitor refrigeration data, to be constantly up to date to the condition of their cold-chain-supply.


Skytrack took all of the above under consideration and gave Pindos a complete solution that covers all of its’ needs.

Using our platform and hardware the company is now able to coordinate its’ fleet with ease and make more accurate deliveries, while constantly monitoring the condition of the products, taking the company to the next level.

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