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March 14, 2022
Wine Making
Retsina Malamatina


Malamatina is the name of a Greek wine brand, mostly known for its retsinaIt was founded in Alexandroupoli in 1895 by Konstantinos Malamatinas, a native of the island of Tenedos. The company has facilities in Euboea and Thessaloniki, where has its base is.  


Malamatina is a very popular wine, and you can find it in many places around Greece. Company trucks are scattered throughout the country and the need for monitoring and planning their routes, was essential. The only solution was to turn to telematics. After thorough research they found in Skytrack, what they considered to be the best solution for them.


The main quest was to organize Malamatina’s POIs (Point of Interest) and divide them in groups, either according to their position or according to the type of store. Then using the routing service, we organized better their daily routes, allowing their trucks to be more efficient since they could visit many more stores per day. Of course, the fleet manager of the company can monitor their routine in real time and has the ability to change, or to add tasks to the drivers, on-the-go.

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