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May 3, 2022
Paspaliaris Metaforiki


Paspaliaris Metaforiki is a Greek company that has been active since 2005 in the transportation field. The company has a modern fleet of 45 vehicles of all types, with the ability to transport and distribute goods in multiple temperatures.


With 35 clients mainly in the food supply industry, Paspaliaris needed to be sure that the temperature sensitive products that it carries, are maintained and delivered in excellent condition. The company also wanted to have complete control of its vehicles and have a very well-organized fleet.


Skytrack understood the assignment and gave Paspaliaris a solution that ensures that temperature sensitive products are maintained and delivered in the correct conditions, with real-time temperature monitoring and alerting. We also made sure that the fleet manager will always be in touch with the fleet and have the ability to manage the vehicles at all times through the GPRS platform.

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