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December 22, 2021
Water Supplier


Ipeirotiki Bottling Industry S.A. (VIKOS SA) is a family business, which was founded in 1990 and is one of the most well-known and established companies in the field of bottled water. It is a Greek company, which started its production activity by bottling, from the source of the same name, Natural Mineral Water “Vikos”, which has been available since 1992 in the Greek and foreign markets, while at the same time being the main supplier of the largest chains supermarket.

The company also entered the soft drinks market, launching 8 different flavors and creating, at the same time, a new category of products, the Natural Mineral Soft Drinks “Vikos”.

The company has been certified for the quality assurance systems it has developed and implements. It is the first company in the field of bottled water in Greece to obtain a HACCP certificate (system for managing hygiene, food safety and control of critical production points) since February 2000, according to the Codex Alimentarius 1997 standard.


A company with such high standards in all areas of its activity, could only look for a worthy Telematics provider, capable of meeting all their requirements and maintaining the quality and level of services they have established in the Greek market as well as in foreign markets.

Quality service, continuous support, accuracy, real-time data transmission, daily reports, route coordination for owned fleet, but also for partner vehicles, were some of Vikos requirements that we had to fulfil.


Skytrack made custom adjustments to the platform to help Vikos get its telematics services as originally planned by them.

Continuous training on the platform from our technical support department helped Vikos to gain a level of control, able to allow them to do all the processes they needed to coordinate the daily life of their fleet.

The itineraries are better organized, deliveries to customers are executed accurately and the company’s level of service is at the top of the scale, leaving company and customers completely satisfied.

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