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December 22, 2021
Food commerce
AB Vasilopoulos


Alfa Beta Vassilopoulos (“Alfa Beta”) is one of the largest supermarket chain stores in Greece. Alfa Beta serves customers through its Alfa Beta supermarkets and the AB Food Market, AB Shop & Go, AB City and ENA Food Cash & Carry formats. Their devotion to offer quality products and services, makes them be, closely connected to customers through their dedication to offer the best, to innovate and make shopping experience unique – because each customer is unique. The brand serves customers, associates, and communities, offering the finest products and protecting the environment.


Alfa Beta has been the most demanding project that Skytrack took on. Multitask demands had to be met, to accomplish successful operation among all channels of the customer. Furthermore, Alfa Beta uses daily hundreds of trucks from cooperating transportation companies since the owned fleet is not sufficient to cover their daily needs. Most of the goods transported are sensitive food products and the constant monitoring of their temperature during transportation was also very important. The challenge was for Skytrack to coordinate all the parties involved in their daily routines, organize, and simplify their routes and assist them to operate a system with e-invoicing, avoiding the old-fashioned way of hard copy invoices etc.


Skytrack, spent endless hours, creating a fully custom environment that all Alfa Beta’s needs could be met successfully. Our experienced engineers made the software development and all the implementations required, of Alfa Beta’s existing software to achieve the best result possible. Many hours of support and systems integration were devoted, and the outcome was 100% up to the customer’s expectations.
Routing, tracking, and e-invoicing were successfully established. refrigeration temperatures both on trucks or warehouse refrigerators can now be monitored 24hours/day and the Alfa Beta “mechanism” along with their partners found the coordination they seek for.

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