Kotsovolos – Skytrack


December 22, 2021


Kotsovolos is one of the leading electrical and electronics retailers in Greece. It started in a small neighborhood store downtown Athens in 1950 and today has a network of over 90 stores, in Greece and Cyprus, both corporate and franchise, as well as two online stores. It is the largest electronic chain store in Greece and a member of Dixons Group.


Kotsovolos has build a network of multiple retail stores, throughout the years. These stores are located in almost every city in mainland Greece, as well as in many islands. Its stores must receive goods daily to maintain their inventory and meet their customers’ demands for ready-to-purchase goods. Additionaly, Kotsovolos has created its own in-house delivery service that delivers goods to their customers. This service has rapidly expanded since peoples’ needs for delivery has grown significantly during the recent covid19 pandemic and moving restrictions, causing customers to avoid visiting a physical store and preferring to place their orders online.

This created the need for a very well-organized fleet that would work around the clock, without wasting valuable time.

Kotsovolos’ high standards of customer service also needed an innovative approach concerning the end-customer and the efficiency in the way the delivery would be done in terms of accuracy and reliability. Customers should not be held “prisoners” in their homes, waiting for a delayed delivery, most times without even been notified for this delay until it was too late.


Skytrack engineers, created an application named LAST MILE. Using this application, an end-customer could monitor the course of his delivery knowing in advance the exact moment that the goods would be delivered at their door.

This unique application combined with our exceptional Fleet Management solution provided Kotsovolos with a very solid solution. Their fleet is now organized to the last detail regardless of the delivery which could either concern one of their stores or an end-customer.

The training course that Skytrack provided to Kotsovolos staff, was crucial for their employees to be able to utilize the capabilities of the application, helping them create an in-house delivery service, worthy to their company’s years of good reputation.

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