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February 03, 2022
Industrial Lifts


Founded in 1983 in Kilkis, Greece, KLEEMANN is one of the most important lift manufacturers in the European and global markets, offering many kinds of lift for residential and commercial use. The company has undertaken prestigious projects around the world, and is established in the international market. Its sales network operates in over 100 countries, with local commercial presence in important markets including the UK, France, Germany, Australia, plus, local production facilities in Greece as well as in Serbia and China. Two assembly plants also operate in Turkey and Russia.


KLEEMANN lifts have been installed in public and private buildings all around the world, in office buildings, airports, stadiums, shopping centers, theatres, industrial facilities, cruise ships etc. Thousands of people use KLEEMANN lifts daily.
Guided by its values, safety has always been a priority for KLEEMANN. Therefore, they needed a global communications network to monitor proper systems operation and establish maintenance alerts, preventing possible malfunctions, that could cause an accident.


Providing global services, Skytrack was the partner of choice for KLEEMANN. Skytrack’s skilled engineers managed to build a secure and reliable, global VPN network according to KLEEMANN’s requirements.
Skytrack being a connectivity partner of a global SIM provider, also provided KLEEMANN with the global SIMs needed and the necessary management platform. Skytrack’s management platform is the absolute management tool for operating their network, reducing downtime and maintenance cost.

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