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February 03, 2022


Stathis’ was founded in 1961 and is one of the best-known companies in the field of truck bodybuilding and refrigerated trucks, in Greece. During the last 60 years, the company had a significant growth in terms of facility expanding, product range increase and collaborations with major foreign companies. Stathis’ basic principle has always been product quality and responsible customer service.
Stathis offers a wide range of insulation kits, refrigeration units, truck refrigerators, van insulations, deep freeze bodies, temperature recorders, isothermal plywood kits, tail lifts.


The majority of Stathis’ clientele need more than refrigeration solutions. They also need a way to illustrate refrigeration data, to constantly monitor the condition of their cold-chain-supply. The best method to achieve this, was by using telematics services. Driven by their need for quality, in both hardware and software, Stathis faced a challenge finding a reliable telematics provider.
After a thorough research of the telematics market, they chose Skytrack as their partner, to fulfill their clients’ needs.


Fleet management was not an obstacle for Skytrack. The real challenge was to provide the customer with proper equipment and software to allow them to daily monitor and manage their fleet’s cold-chain status. Skytrack used, European, high quality Bluetooth thermometers, to complete this task. Wireless sensors, easy to install, reliable and certified by EN12830 regulation, Skytrack’s choice of equipment combined with Skytrack’s user-friendly software, enabled end-users to easily generate reports regarding the conditions of their cold chambers.

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