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December 22, 2021
Food Transportation
Express Hellas


Express Hellas / Lioudakis Bros SA transportation company is one of the largest transportation companies in Greece.  The company was established in 1976 and today owns more than 550 vehicles. Express Hellas specializes in food transportation so most of its vehicles carry refrigerated goods. They offer their services throughout Greece, and they mostly distribute to the Greek islands. They provide services to some of the largest and most popular companies in Greece which proves the quality of their services.


Based on the company needs, Express Hellas, had to deploy Fleet Management both for their use but also to provide GPS data to their customers during distribution, by providing a detailed daily report. Thus, their customer is certain that everything is done according to their demands. Their most demanding customer is LIDL. LIDL collects GPS data through Kassasi and temperature values of the vehicles’ cold rooms that distribute their goods worldwide, every 5 min. Kassasi is responsible to collect the data from third party software and visualize it on their own platform.

When Express Hellas reached out for a specialized partner as Telematic Services provider, their special needs were:

  • All the fleet to be equipped within 3 weeks since they had to meet Lidl’s deadline.
  • To equip all the vehicles no matter if they were on mainland, or in the islands.
  • To use top quality equipment in affordable prices
  • The temperature sensors for the vehicle’s cold rooms had to be certified according to EN 12830 specification
  • A successful integration with Kassasi in order to transmit the required data

The above demands were a great challenge for Skytrack. We had to exceed our powers in order to fulfil this task.


After a short but very careful and thorough preparation, Skytrack organized a plan for our technicians to locate and equip the vehicles throughout Greece.
At the same time our experienced developers integrated our platform with Kassasi. Another team of our engineers took over the training of Express Hellas staff. It took a great deal of effort to plan and execute this operation withing the asked deadline.

By the end of the three weeks deadline, Skytrack met all the above demands successfully, proving that it is a sufficient and reliable partner.

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