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Skytrack presents on Greek national television the smart fuel cap!

Skytrack on Radio Thessaloniki about the smart fuel cap.

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Skytrack Featured in Youtuber’s TRCOFF channel. 

“Skytrack: The company from Thessaloniki that pioneers in Fleet Management”

GPS tracking, i.e. the tracking and management of vehicles from a single mobile application, has begun to gain great popularity in Greece as it is a “tool” both for companies that have fleets of vehicles and want to manage them in an easy way, as well as for individuals who use it as an anti-theft device.

“Telematics is a very important service which is now starting to become more popular in Greece. Imagine being able to control your car, engine, boat or even your entire fleet of vehicles, through a single application on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Know the location of your vehicle at all times, receive a notification when the vehicle moves without your permission and immobilize it from your mobile phone”, says Mr. Nikos Dragiotis, Sales Director of Skytrack, the company from Thessaloniki that specializes in and is a pioneer in the field of Fleet Management.

“Skytrack’s Smart fuel cap on Thessaloniki International Fair!”


Thessaloniki: Skytrack’s Smart fuel cap was presented on Thessaloniki International Fair


“Skytrack: anti-theft GPS tracker for corporate vehicle fleets

Accurate vehicle location, instant notifications for any change in fleet status and setting geofences to control vehicle movement are just a few of the benefits that Skytrack GPS trackers offer companies”

“Cold Chain: Efficient tracking and management of refrigerated truck fleet

Skytrack is one of the pioneers in corporate fleet management solutions, a rapidly growing leader in fleet management and GPS tracking”

Reduce your fleet costs with Skytrack’s telematics solution!”

“Eco Driving mode reduces costs and increase efficiency. By applying the Eco Driving system, you can save up to 10% of your fuel consumption costs! Its utility also extends to significantly reducing harmful gas emissions as well as vehicle maintenance problems. With the Eco Driving function you can help your drivers to improve their driving behaviour, while also reducing costs for your business.”

GPRS from Skytrack! Complete Fleet Management With One Click!”

“With Skytrack’s GPRS application you can have complete control over all the vehicles belonging to your company’s fleet. With one click you can plan the best route for each vehicle, check its location at any time, as well as the driver’s driving profile and tachograph readings.”

“Smart solution from Skytrack against fuel theft from commercial vehicles”

“Skytrack has developed its own software for Integrated Fleet Management, it offers you management solutions, tailored to your business needs such as the smart fuel cap.”

Skytrack: Providing ecological solutions through telematics”

Skytrack, as one of the supporters of the Supply Chain Awards 2022, had the honor to award one of the largest companies operating in Greece and its partner AB Vassilopoulos.



Skytrack: Leads fleet management developments”

Skytrack is one of the pioneers in corporate vehicle fleet management solutions.


“Vehicle fleet management easily and simply with Skytrack GPS tracker”

“Skytrack’s GPS tracker device and softwear is an ideal tracking solution not only for companies but for individuals as well, for use in cars, motorbikes and boats.”


“Everything that moves can be detected” Skytrack offers you a complete tracking solution”

“Having developed its own software and offering personalized solutions for businesses and individuals, Skytrack is the best choice for anyone looking for a complete Vehicle Management solution.”

“How telematics elevates a business and solves key problems”

“Telematics is a very important tool that offers the ability to manage vehicles in an easy and fast way, elevating the businesses that use it, solving key problems they face. Skytrack, having a high level of expertise in Fleet Management, provides companies with a useful tool that enables them to have full control of their fleet, at any time easily and simply.”


“Telematics in the Vehicle Rental industry”

“Complete fleet control through a single application, offered by Skytrack”

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