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Fleet Management Software


Able to manage and administer accounts, setup options and configure devices.


Partner with wholesale’s privileges. Can provide the service both for managers and users.


Partner with retailer’s privileges. Can provide the service for end-users, either companies or individuals.


A company or individual using the service to their own benefit.


Solution according to customer needs.

Fully Integrated Software

One or both-way integration

User Friendly

Easy to use and continuously upgraded.

Step 1

GPS tracker installation by certified car electrician

Step 2

The GPS tracker device communicates directly with your personal platform account

Step 3

Manage your vehicle from mobile, tablet or desktop

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Flexible Plans

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development,
product design, QA and consultancy services.

Entrust full-cycle implementation of your software product to our experienced BAs, UI/UX designers, developers.


For Partners

For Partners

Entrust full-cycle implementation of your software product to our experienced BAs, UI/UX designers, developers.


For Customers

For Customers

Entrust full-cycle implementation of your software product to our experienced BAs, UI/UX designers, developers.


For Startups

For Startups

Our team of more than 15 software experts.

Quick Support

We guide you every step of the way.

Best Solutions

Custom solutions for every case.

Unique Design

User friendly and intuitive.

web development 90%
mobile development 70%
ui/ux design 60%




What is fleet management?

Any organization that needs commercial vehicles to function engages in some form of fleet operations and fleet management. The purpose of fleet management is to oversee all fleet performance and fleet maintenance in order to increase productivity and help a business run as smoothly as possible.
Fleet management companies often use vehicle telematics and fleet management software, like Skytrack's GPRS platform, to increase fleet efficiency and help reduce operational costs.

Why Skytrack?

Skytrack was founded by industry professionals, with many years of experience in software systems and design, telemetry, integrated computer systems, communications and database design and implementation. The absolute advantage of Skytrack is that the software of all the services offered by the company is designed and developed exclusively by our specialized staff, giving us the advantage to adapt to each customer’s needs and offer them the best possible solutions. Skytrack focuses mainly on GPS vehicle fleet management tracking systems and the company soon became the fastest growing in the field of fleet management and GPS tracking in Greece. Skytrack’s systems are suited both for individuals who want to monitor their vehicle and businesses of all sizes that focus on improving customer service and their activities in real time by earning maximum performance at the lowest possible cost.

Will I Succeed?

With Skytrack taking on all support and back-office processes, all you have to do is start your business and create your own clientelle.
Leave all the techical stuff to Skytrack's experienced team.

How I assure quality?

Skytrack's clientelle is the best proof that our service meets and exceed the telematics industry's standards. Fulfilling our client's demands to the fullest, led Skytrack into being the most respective telematics provider in Greece, and possibly in Europe too.

Can I offer services outside my country limits?

There is no geographical restriction.
Our devices use a Global SIM that provides connectivity in over 200 countries, across more than 650 networks.

Am I bound by contract?

Skytrack's policy is freedom of choice. You can join or leave anytime, without penalties. Our "contract" is our proven quality service.

Profit Potential

This line of business offers a two-way profit opportunity:
You can have instant profit by reselling hardware equipment, and by installing our devices on customer's vehicles.
Furthermore, a monthly fee from the customer to retain their service, allows you to create an increasing monthly income for life.

Sales Boost

Constant developing of our platform allows you to be updated and fullfil your customers' needs, giving you the ability to stay ahead of competition by providing new features to your clients in advance, and expand your business in new fields, generating new income.

Skytrack is already known for delivering an agile development methodology.

Take advantage of Skytrack's whitelabel option and expand your existing brand into new fields. Collaborate with Skytrack and establish your brand in a new profitable market by powering your new projects with Skytrack's top of the line tool,

Individual or corporate user? Nevertheless, you receive the same high-quality service from Skytrack!

Individuals: we deliver a user-friendly service. Our platform offers anti-theft protection, family member monitoring or any other tracking need you may have.
Business users: our platform is not just a tracking service. It is the essential tool for your asset tracking that will provide you updated information to grow your business. Our goal is to maximize your company's efficiency while minimizing running costs and human resources use.

A brilliant business opportunity.
Telematics services is a future call and the only solution to remote Fleet Management.
Choosing Skytrack your start-up company can benefit immediately from our years of expertise on the field and our established reliability in providing a high-tech product at the best market price.
High-end hardware, custom made software and reliable after-sales is the sucessfull to start-up and establish your own company.

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We are Trusted in
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Emilia Clarke
Client of Company
" Very well thought out and articulate communication. Clear milestones, deadlines and fast work. Infinite patience. No shortcuts. The way Skytrack listens to its customers while also prioritizing product enhancements should be the industry gold standar. "
Emilia Clarke
AB Vasilopoulos
Manager of Company
"We chose Skytrack because we simply could not find any other provider that offered all the tools we needed under one platform. Skytrack's pay-as-you-grow billing scale enables companies to have full access to all the robust platform features without being up-charged"
Emilia Clarke
Client of Company
" Skytrack's product provides detailed analytics that can be used to access the status of our fleet, efficiently schedule routes for our filming crews, and minimize running costs. This, combined with friendly support and continuous product inprovements, makes Skytrack a killer choice. "
Emilia Clarke
Manager of Company
" What we loved about Skytrack is their commitment to speed, design and innovation. The data is fresh, relevant and granular enough to allow us to make very actionable decisions. Skytrack has made significant moves to continually innovate and add new feautures "
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