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January 26, 2022
Data Analysis


Kasasi is a medium-sized software company in the south of Germany that creates innovative solutions for the European logistics industry. They optimize transport processes via rail, road and sea and make them visible. Kasasi is specialized in the implementation of individual needs and customer-specific requirements.


Kasasi currently is acting as the intermediate between Lidl and local transportation companies in every country in the world, that Lidl operates. Lidl has a very strict policy concerning the vehicles that it uses daily. Every vehicle must be equipped with GPS trackers and temperature sensors. Lidl collects GPS data through Kasasi and temperature values of the vehicles’ cold rooms that distribute their products, every 5 min. Kasasi is responsible to collect the data from third party software and visualize it on Lidl’s platform.


Skytrack engineers worked methodically and integrated our platform with Kasasi’s database. Kasasi had to collect all data in raw form and visualize it on Lidl’s platform. It took several working hours, a lot of effort and coordination to achieve the result. The project was quite successful.

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