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Utility Services

Maintenance vehicles, such as salt spreaders or dustcarts, are vital for a modern city and its dwellers. Management of complex machinery requires a vast amount of specific data – sprinkling distance, covered spreading area, amounts and types of materials used, working hours and many more parameters. You can have all this and more at your fingertips with our solutions.

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Waste Management Services

Waste management services are one of the most relevant topics of this decade, as it is related to waste recycling and environment saving. Specific equipment is used in waste removal, thus, a dedicated solution is required to prevent improper operations and to ensure an optimal and safe usage. GPS devices can easily help achieve these goals.

December 2, 2021
Public Services

School Bus

Our solution to parents and school authorities to create a safe and efficient school bus management. We provide GPS tracking solutions to ensure student safety to and from their schools. Skytrack enables real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities. Our software helps the transport manager to maintain school bus fleet efficiently.

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