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Construction & Mining

Managing construction and mining machinery is a complex task. If managed improperly, it can lead to huge expenditure. The benefits of our solutions include protecting your equipment from theft, reducing fuel expenses and enhancing safety. In other words, you will take a full control of your fleet, workers and resources.

How It Works

Construction Tools Tracking With BLE Beacons

Construction is the most influential industry in any society, greatly contributing to the economic growth of a country and region. Tools are an integral part of the construction sector, and they have to be managed efficiently not only to avoid thefts but to remain projects profitable. Wireless technology combined with GPS tracking devices opens up new opportunities for construction sites monitoring making a significant impact.


Mining Cargo Control

Mining is a highly specific industry relying greatly on large equipment for its operations. Despite being rather distinctive and dealing with the issues that other industries do not have to, mining companies can manage their daily activities seamlessly thanks to technology. GPS tracking devices will help meet the challenges that mining industry is facing today and, at the same times, will prevent unwanted expenses and complications.

September 18, 2019
Construction & Mining Industry
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