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Modern day logistics require a considerable amount of information for business optimization. It is not enough just to get the GPS coordinates of your vehicle’s current location. With fuel consumption, driven distance and many other parameters at hand, you will be able to manage your fleet resources effectively. No expenses will be left unaccounted. Monitoring driver activities will allow you to be in control of your staff, while temperature data will make you sure that goods are delivered in high quality.

How It Works

Temperature Tracking with BLE Sensors

The temperature tracking and monitoring industry has a multi-billion-dollar economic and environmental impact worldwide. It is constantly changing and adapting to growing consumer demands. But to remain competitive and profitable, cold chain logistics fleets have to look for innovative and efficient solutions. Bluetooth technology, combined with vehicle GPS trackers and sensors, opens up new possibilities for fleet and cargo monitoring.

Trailers Tracking with BLE ID Beacons

The logistics industry is an essential part of any economy, and the driving force behind many sectors: trade, manufacturing, agriculture, e-commerce, services. Trailers are an integral part of the transport system, and they have to be managed efficiently to remain competitive and profitable. Wireless Bluetooth technology combined with vehicle GPS tracking opens up new opportunities for fleet monitoring, making a significant difference.

Digital Tachograph Monitoring

Millions of trucks roam highways and roads each and every day delivering goods far and wide in our planet. Logistics industry is strictly regulated in the most parts of the world and especially in Europe, where digitization of tachographs is mandatory. This makes it a perfect scene for the implementation of remote data download and monitoring solution.

December 3, 2021
Food and Transportation Industry
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