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Our solution to parents and school authorities to create a safe and efficient school bus management. We provide GPS tracking solutions to ensure student safety to and from their schools. Skytrack enables real-time location of the school bus to parents and school authorities. Our software helps the transport manager to maintain school bus fleet efficiently.


Knowing the location of the school buses and children at all times, informing the parents and the school immediately in case of emergency but also the perfect coordination of the school bus fleet were the main challenges that Skytrack had to face in this project.


Our experience in software development has led us to quickly find a complete solution that fully answers the above issues.
We have developed two easy-to-use applications. The GPRS School Bus Tracker app that is designed for parents and the GPRS School Bus Driver app that is designed for school bus drivers. The two applications operate in collaboration and communicate with the website which is addressed to the school units.

With the use of the applications, the parents and the school units can know the exact location of the school buses, the points of disembarkation and boarding of the students on the map and can receive notifications for anything unexpected.

At the same time, our software helps the bus fleet manager to always know the location of the busses, to manage them more easily and to maintain them effectively.


-Appearance of boarding / disembarking points of students on the map
-Appearance on the map of the parents’ houses
-List of names and telephone numbers of parents with direct dialing and view location of boarding point
-Ability to register students who are absent
– Detailed report of arrival times and departure of the bus from home and school
– Bus location notifications
– Receive notifications when the bus is approaching home, but also messages from the school in case the bus schedule changed
– Call the driver immediately if something unexpected happens.

Why Skytrack

Our experience in software development, the immediate service we offer and the continuous improvement and renewal of our services, make us the best choice in the field of fleet management. We provide personalized services giving complete solutions.

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