October 2021 – Skytrack
Fleet Management

Driving Profiles

A common practice in modern business is to provide corporate vehicles to employees for leisure use. The use of vehicles can be for travel between home and work, trips that are not related to the company, or very simply in situations where there is a need (eg for going to hospital, funeral, etc.). It is […]

Fleet Management

History & Tasks Logging

Maintaining daily work records for a fleet of vehicles is a time consuming but important process. Problems such as manual reports and human error, improper document management, driver errors, poor communication and coordination, blurred correlation between corporate and personal vehicle use, and inefficient routing can affect reputation of the company and dramatically increase the operating […]

Vehicle Tracking & Protection

Theft Protection

Vehicle theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. The clever most advanced equipment. Thieves now use advanced equipment. By blocking GPS signals, criminals try to influence the operation of a GPS tracking device and prevent it from tracking and collecting important information. Thieves target vehicles that are easy targets and do […]

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