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Theft Protection

Vehicle theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. The clever most advanced equipment. Thieves now use advanced equipment. By blocking GPS signals, criminals try to influence the operation of a GPS tracking device and prevent it from tracking and collecting important information.

Thieves target vehicles that are easy targets and do not attract attention. Speed ​​is paramount, as the longer they delay the attempted theft, the greater the risk of being detected and / or caught.

Our Solution

The  FMB920 GPS tracker is a small anti-theft tracking device that can be easily hidden in a vehicle. It’s the best way to track the location of your vehicle in real time, receive alerts and detect it immediately in case of theft.During the theft attempt, thieves are likely to find out if a tracking device has been installed. For this reason the installation must be done in places of the vehicle that are not easily accessible, in order to ensure the operation of the device.

In addition to simple monitoring, Skytrack devices can be customized to offer additional anti-theft properties. For example, if an attempt is made to block the device signal, the alarm system may start automatically by blocking the vehicle starter or locking the vehicle. Other features, such as driver identification and remote immobilization of the vehicle, are also options that offer additional anti-theft security.

Skytrack devices also have features that are extremely useful for recovering a stolen vehicle. For example, in addition to recording the location of the vehicle in real time, the devices have 128 MB of internal memory that allows data storage even when there is no temporary GPS signal (eg when driving in a tunnel or underground car park), so that no movement of the vehicle is lost.

With extensive network coverage in more than 200 countries and 650 partner networks, Skytrack devices allow you to locate and manage your vehicle worldwide at no extra data and roaming charges.

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