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History & Tasks Logging

Maintaining daily work records for a fleet of vehicles is a time consuming but important process.

Problems such as manual reports and human error, improper document management, driver errors, poor communication and coordination, blurred correlation between corporate and personal vehicle use, and inefficient routing can affect reputation of the company and dramatically increase the operating costs of the fleet.

Skytrack offers the solution to the above problems with GPRS.

Our Solution

Through the detailed history of GPRS, the administrator has access to a variety of logs and notifications for the movement of any specific vehicle or the entire fleet.

In addition, there is access to information such as location and date of departure, driver ID, total distance traveled, purpose of trip and eco driving data. All data is retained on the platform for a period of 90 days from the moment of their registration, while it can be stored locally and submitted to tax authorities or insurance companies if required.

There are several ways in which a vehicle can be controlled through the platform:

For example, an OBD device can read mileage directly from the car. However, if this data is not available due to the type of vehicle, then the measurement can be made with the odometer data, offering a very accurate calculation based on the distance traveled on the map.

At each vehicle movement, it is possible to set the movement as personal or professional by selecting Business Mode or Private Mode.

When the Business Mode function is activated, GPRS continues to automatically monitor and record all route events. If Private Mode is selected, logging is disabled. This feature allows companies to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulations.

This function is particularly convenient if a corporate fleet vehicle is used for both business and personal purposes (eg weekends, holidays or after business hours), separating business from personal staff.

For example, Skytrack Plug-and-Play devices are suitable for light commercial vehicle tracking applications, such as courier services, car rental and leasing, security and many other scenarios where an easy and reliable low cost GPS tracking solution is required. .

Respectively there is a plethora of devices and tracking solutions available, suitable for even the most complex scenarios.

GPRS provides a fully automated recording process, which:

  • It replaces tedious and time consuming recordings, reduces bureaucracy and eliminates human error.
  • Significantly improves driver responsibility and discipline.
  • Improves overall communication and fleet coordination.
  • Helps monitor each vehicle and the entire fleet in real time.
    It has an easy-to-use travel feature.
  • It is accessible at any time from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  • Improves the operating costs of the fleet and the cash flows of the company.

Monitoring a company’s fleet is completely legal, as long as the personnel handling the vehicles has been informed and has the ability to deactivate the registration if they make personal movements.

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