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A common practice in modern business is to provide corporate vehicles to employees for leisure use.

The use of vehicles can be for travel between home and work, trips that are not related to the company, or very simply in situations where there is a need (eg for going to hospital, funeral, etc.). It is also not unlikely that the same vehicle will be used systematically by more than one person.

However, this creates the problem of the separation between corporate and personal use of the vehicle, as until now it was extremely difficult to have an accurate picture of the use of the vehicle.

When an employee uses a company vehicle for personal use, then there are additional charges (fuel, maintenance, cleaning, etc.) that are not included in the company’s obligations.

In order to achieve the right separation, there must be a fully up-to-date and automatic report in order to avoid delays, inaccuracies and the factor of human error.

Considering the above factors, Skytrack offers the solution through the GPRS platform the Private / Business Driving Mode option.

Our Solution

Private / Business Driving Mode is a simple Skytrack GPS tracking feature that allows drivers and fleet managers to temporarily hide vehicle GPS tracking in situations where employees (drivers) make personal use of the vehicles).

The main axes of the solution:

  • Employee monitoring during working hours and activation of private operation after working hours / office.
  • Monitoring in specific geographical areas and / or excluding employees when entering or leaving them.

How does it work:

When the business driving function is activated, GPRS automatically monitors and records all predefined vehicle events.

If the personal driving function is activated, some events are NOT recorded (also known as GPS Data Masking) such as the geographical location and the speed of the vehicle.

At the same time, other non-personal data can be collected, but it is necessary to separate costs for the vehicle, such as the total distance traveled during personal use.

Personal driving can be activated in various ways, such as with an in-vehicle button, SMS command, or via Skytrack’s GPRS application. This feature can be accessed by the driver and fleet management, as needed.

Automatic safety valves are also available. For example, a personal driving profile can be set to automatically deactivate in the event of a vehicle being towed, battery removed, stolen, or crashed so that the company can be notified immediately.

GPRS logging and alerts can be adapted to the operation and needs of each business, enabling compliance with European legislation, vehicle security and the protection of employees’ privacy.

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