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Task Management

A mobile app that allows you to manage your drivers and field workers by scheduling, dispatching and managing their tasks, ensuring transparent communication with the back-office and keeping you updated on the progress of their daily schedule

How It Works

Managers’ Perspective

✓ Create and assign tasks to drivers and field workers with ease
✓ Update schedules and routes while drivers are on-the-go
✓ Receive status updates in real-time
✓ Get additional information requests from drivers instantly

Driver's Perspective

✓ Receive clear and detailed information about the tasks
✓ Focus on completing the schedule, leaving the planning for managers
✓ Use your favourite navigation app for route navigation

Driver Identification and Driving Logs

✓ Simple driver identification tool
✓ Easy switching from work to private routes
✓ Reports on driving performance and route analysis to help you reduce the operational costs
✓ Precise data for salary calculations

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    January 10, 2022
    Task Management
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