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Smart Fuel Cap

Protect your vehicle against fuel theft. The new wireless solution with disincentive LED indication and tamper detection is capable of being tracked remotely and alerting in case of fuel theft attempt.

How It Works

Easy and reliable solution against fuel theft

Smart Fuel Cap is an anti fuel theft device for heavy commercial vehicles in the transportation industry. Thanks to its unique features such as ability to be monitored remotely, disincentive LED indication and alarming function in case of a theft attempt Smart Fuel Cap protects your fuel efficiently.

Smart Fuel Cap shares the information whether it is open or closed with the receiver via encrypted BLE 5.1 communication technology. A receiver is integrated with GPS tracker and alarm system. In this way, it informs the fleet manager when the fuel tank cap is opened and closed together with the location information. In case of a theft attempt, receiver activates external Siren or the vehicle's warning system and alerts the driver.

✓ Wireless Solution
✓ GPS tracker compatible
✓ Fuel theft alarm
✓ Easy installation
✓ Long battery life
✓ Standar fuel neck

See the Big Picture

Fuel theft is a critical problem that has global significance and businesses are looking for solutions. Fuel theft means serious financial loss for a business or vehicle owner. Physical damages that may occur in vehicles and delays in logistics plan can be listed as other major negative effects. Currently available solutions against fuel theft do not fully meet the needs of the customers. Skytrack aims to eliminate the fuel theft concerns of logistics companies and heavy commercial vehicle owners with the Smart Fuel Cap.

✓ Monitor when/where the fuel cap is opened or detect tampering and receive push notifications.
✓ If your fuel cap is opened out of your permission, siren activates.
✓ Patented free rotation design prevents detaching through a filter wrench
✓ Easy to apply. You can easily mount it without a specific operation on your fuel tank.

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    June 1, 2022
    Smart Fuel Cap
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