FOTA Web – Skytrack


A brand new and exciting solution for remote access to your FMB! FOTA WEB enables firmware upgrades and configuration changes of FMB devices without a need of a dedicated application – everything is achieved through your regular Web browser, from any device.

How It Works

Firmware and configuration

Make it easy – remotely configure single or group of FMB devices. Save configuration templates for different scenarios and conveniently use when needed.

Easy WEB access

With FOTA WEB you will have easy access to your fleet from anywhere – no additional tools or operating system restrictions – just open your browser and login to the platform!


You will always know what actions have been taken with each FMB device at any given time.

User-friendly experience

All your purchased devices come pre-registered to FOTA WEB and appear on your account right after the purchase.

January 10, 2022
Firmware Update

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