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Fleet Maintenance

A powerful tool that provides an automated overview of all your fleet maintenance data – from service reminders to fuel consumption.

How It Works

All Data in One Dashboard

Have quick access to all information about your fleet - upcoming service dates, repair costs, expiring documents, mileage and more. Use historic data and compare your fleet vehicles to make fact-based business decisions.

Calculate Your Fleet Efficiency

Track your fleet efficiency, using an automated, transparent solution. It will help you to understand whether you have enough, too many or too little vehicles, regardless of your fleet specifics.

Reminders About Important Maintenance Tasks

Set reminders based on one or more of your chosen triggers - distance driven, motor hours, or days since the last service check/repairment. That will help you to boost the fleet maintenance efficiency and save the time spent on inspecting all vehicles by yourself.

Keep Track of All Repair Costs

Manage all repair costs in a single dashboard - information about repair events, additional notes, invoices, etc. Having everything you need for your fleet's cost management will allow you to calculate its profitability and make better investment decisions.

Easy Licence and Document Management

Oversee expiration dates of licences and other important documents and set automatic reminders to avoid situations when your fleet vehicles' licences end while they're operating in another country.

Smart System Integrations

Save the time spent on checking the document expiration dates manually. Our solution can be easily integrated with other systems to ensure you miss none of your vehicles' tachograph calibration and licence renewal dates.

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    January 10, 2022
    Fleet Maintenance
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