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Diagniostic Trouble Codes - DTC

Diagnostic Trouble Codes allows you to view fault codes received via OBD compatible devices. This allows you to determine what type of breakdown your vehicle has without opening the bonnet.

How It Works

Save Time and Minimise Maintenance Costs

✓ Get instant notifications on maintenance issues
✓ Alert your maintenance team on future services
✓ Avoid accidents by keeping your fleet safe
✓ Reduce human error and catch issues before heading out on the road

Plan Ahead

✓ Schedule maintenance based on fleet status
✓ Set up a scheduled inspection frequency and your drivers will be notified when inspections are due
✓ Vehicle mechanics can add photos, comments and documents to report maintenance/repair
✓ Create different forms for different vehicles

See the Big Picture

Visual content and graphs to help you stay on top of your fleet maintenance / running costs.
Use our Diagniostic Trouble Codes - DTC to to stay on top of fleet maintenance and reduce costs on easily avoidable repairs. Receive instant notifications when a DTC occurs.

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    January 10, 2022
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