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CO2 Emissions

This report mainly focuses on vehicles idling where they are in park with the engine running. High idling is one of the main indicators of not just fuel costs, but high GHG emissions as well.

How It Works

Go Green, While Reducing Expenses

Green driving functionality collects data on acceleration, braking, over speeding, harsh cornering and no-load engine operation. This information is instantly analyzed. If the received values are beyond the set parameters, the device sends a command to the LED or Buzzer installed in the driver’s cab and alerts that he or she is driving inefficiently. The same information is also sent to a server for further analytics if required.

Green driving solution offers many benefits and they can be enjoyed with any of Skytrack’s GPS trackers. You can choose the most suitable device based on your additional requirements and network – besides our recommended FMB920 (2G), there are trackers for 3G, 4G (LTE CAT1) and CAT-M1 networks.

Our intuitive Configurator makes it easy to select the right settings in alignment with the vehicle type, engine power and the customer’s needs.

✓ Stay on top of fleet maintenance for cleaner running vehicles and assets
✓ Take shorter routes to job sites to reduce driven distance
✓ Right-size the fleet to eliminate underutilized vehicles and their environmental impact
✓ Monitor driver behavior to reduce idling, speeding, and other behaviors that increase fuel use

Achieve A Green Fleet

Lowering Green House Gas (GHG) emissions is the best way to achieve and maintain a green fleet. GHG emissions are calculated based on a vehicle’s C02 emissions rate, vehicle runtime, and fuel type.
GPS tracking reports can provide you with detailed information about your fleet’s GHG emissions so that you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Be the Change!

Go green with GPS tracking. With climate change becoming more and more important, businesses with fleets of vehicles and powered assets need to be particularly conscious of their sustainability. By incorporating GPS tracking to better manage fleet resources and environmental impact, organizations are able to run a cleaner, greener fleet.

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    January 10, 2022
    CO2 Emissions
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