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Smart and Safe Home Network Set Up


Our households continue transforming into living and breathing technological ecosystems as more smart devices enter our lives. Just imagine having automated conditioning system that only turns on at certain times, so you do not waste energy. This is no longer science fiction but a world we already live in.


Smart devices need stable internet connectivity. If your household has a lot of technology, each machine needs access to the home network and internet for functions like customization, control and software updates to function properly. Besides, some of them have remote monitoring, management and data collection options. However, a standard consumer router might not always be enough for all of your devices. Thus, a need arises for a connectivity solution that would be able to accommodate multiple devices in your household.

Moreover, home users look for a simple connectivity solution that does not involve complex setup procedures. No one wants to jump through loops and various settings to enable safe connectivity. Further managing your network and connected devices must not become a chore, so a simple-to-understand interface is always necessary for consumer devices.


With the first-ever consumer router from Skytrack Networks, you get a user-friendly solution for setting up your home connectivity. Even in remote areas in the city outskirts, you can have stable internet, as TCR100 offers an option to use 4G cellular connectivity without compromising your speed. So, it is a perfect choice, even if a wired connection is not possible in your specific location.

In this use case, the two Ethernet ports of TCR100 accommodate a smart TV and an NVR (Network Video Recorder) that stores the video feed from connected IP cameras. The rest of the devices like a smart fridge, laptop, AC and alarm systems can wirelessly connect to the network. You can then use data from connected equipment to optimize your IoT setup. Unlike standard home routers, which can usually support up to 15 devices, the TCR100 has upped that limit to over 50 thanks to the applied know-how that Skytrack Networks brings from the industrial sector.

TCR100 is made for home use and easy to set up right out of the box. It even features Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Protected buttons to create wireless network access with just one click. Besides, a user-friendly WebUI provides all the needed customization options and enables you to turn on guest Wi-Fi, further increasing network security. This router also has a pre-configured firewall that ensures the basic safety of your home network. On top of that, TCR100 receives regular firmware updates that periodically eliminate vulnerabilities and bring new functionality.



  • 4G Cat6 technology and Dual-band Wi-Fi offer excellent wireless performance for all connected devices, even in remote locations.

  • RutOS is friendly for newcomers, but advanced users can change configuration options, functions and supported protocols, enabling home networks customization.

  • TCR100 is quick and easy to set up, even for those unfamiliar with connecting a home router.

  • This Networks cellular router has Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Protected buttons so you can enable wireless network access with ease.

  • TCR100 firmware is often updated to increase security and bring you new features.

Why Skytrack

We have used our extensive knowledge working with industrial IoT solutions to bring a new consumer-oriented router into your home. Skytrack has many success cases under the belt, proving that we meet our customer’s expectations and develop our future products based on emerging trends.

Featured Product: TCR100

// This router represents our extensive industrial IoT experience brought straight to your home.

// With 4G LTE-A technology you can use TCR100 as a primary or a backup connectivity source.

// Two Ethernet interfaces and Dual-band Wi-Fi allow to connect multiple devices with ease!

// TCR100 features connectivity indicators, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Protected buttons for quick and simple setup.

// Reliable, secure and easy to use – TCR100 is the perfect choice for any home network.

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