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Remote Fleet Management and Tracking


Telematics is now an integral part of every modern business. The organization and proper operation of the corporate vehicle fleet are necessary conditions to increase efficiency and lead to company growth. It’s not enough just to get the GPS coordinates of the current location of your fleet vehicles. With fuel consumption, distance traveled and many other parameters at your disposal, you will be able to effectively manage your fleet’s resources. Route optimization can reduce fuel costs by up to 30%, while driver recognition and behavioral monitoring will ensure high quality delivery and traceability whenever complaints need to be investigated. Get full control of your fleet and resources with our solutions.


Any experienced fleet manager of any size knows that proper vehicle management is one of the most important parts of running a business – domestic or international. If not properly managed and controlled, it will ultimately result in fleet asset disruptions, theft or unauthorized use, delays, customer complaints, fewer orders, lower profits, negative impact on company reputation and poor performance.

Fleet managers need to know real-time vehicle status — location, mileage, which driver is using it, has dropped off or picked up a load, how many stops it has made on a given day or route, where the vehicle is parked, which driver is closer to this vehicle and so on.

Even more, managers need to know the productivity of each asset — how many hours that particular vehicle has been used in a given shift, week, month or quarter.

Thanks to Skytrack Telematics and our solutions, there are ways to overcome these challenges.


All Skytrack GPS trackers based on the FMB platform support wireless Bluetooth LE connectivity, so they can effectively communicate with wireless Bluetooth devices such as beacons and sensors. The lightweight and small EYE Beacons should be attached at the front of every type of trailer to be tracked and monitored – flatbed, chassis, and box trailers, dry van trailers, reefer trailers, intermodal chassis and/or containers, refrigerated trailers, life haul trailers, frac tanks, etc.

Any vehicle with an EYE Beacon connected can be tracked in real-time via any smart device with an internet connection – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. As a result, fleet managers know exactly what is happening and can plan their further actions in a timely and efficient manner. No more old-fashioned pen-and-paper methods or guesswork known to be impractical and error-prone.

The ability to plan an optimal route aimed at reducing fuel consumption will both reduce your business expenses while also making your fleet more efficient in delivering goods and completing routes. With pre-costing routes you will know the costs that will be incurred for the specific route while at the same time you will be able to receive detailed statistics and data for each route and vehicle.

With the driver profile and the recording of the driving behavior you will be able to know which driver is driving each vehicle and for what period of time. At the same time, you can monitor driving behavior such as average and maximum speed, sudden braking, driving hours, idling time, engine operation, etc.

In addition, the ECO DRIVING feature will give managers data on acceleration, braking, speeding, hard cornering and engine operation. This information is analyzed immediately. If the values ​​obtained are beyond the specified parameters, the device sends a command to the LED or Buzzer installed in the driver’s cabin and alerts that he or she is driving inefficiently. The same information is also sent to a server for further analysis if required.

Along with our solution you can set geofences and receive notifications as well as see in history format when a vehicle enters and exits the area you have specified.

Another great advantage of telematics is that the fleet maintenance process can be automated with the help of GPS tracking devices. The larger the fleet, the more attractive this solution is for the owner. Tracking maintenance schedules is seamless, setting reminders when vehicles need service based on mileage or other parameters. Information about unexpected errors and problems will also be sent to the owner so they can be resolved quickly.




  • Precise asset tracking anytime, anywhere – corporate leaders, fleet management, and dispatchers can monitor any trailer status in real-time around the globe. 

  • Effortless inclusion of Skytrack EYE Beacons – adding tracking and monitoring functionalities easily and quickly for the current users of vehicle telematics solutions.

  • Value-adding smart EYE Beacon features – ‘Proximity Event’ and ‘Detection By Filters’ practical event scenarios help to track, monitor, manage, and optimise trailers utilisation with supreme efficiency.

  • Wireless and affordable – Bluetooth connectivity ensures fast installation and setup, low interference, power consumption and is inexpensive. If damaged, lost or stolen, the Skytrack BLE accessory can be quickly replaced.

  • Improved company reputation, competitiveness, and profitability – timely deliveries, considerable cost savings because of cutting valuable assets and loss of goods expenses, anti-theft protection to boost profits, improved cash-flow and expansion opportunities.

  • Timely maintenance and service – fleet owners can be sure that vehicles are being kept in a good shape

  • Efficient management of fleet – tracking vehicle maintenance becomes an automated process with irregularities reduced to a minimum

  • Avoiding unnecessary costs – be it unexpected repair expenses, time-consuming schedules on paper or dissatisfied customers due to delays

  • Keeping drivers safe – protecting staff from car accidents caused by poor and belated maintenance

  • Effective fuel consumption – achieved by minimizing harsh accelerations

  • Reduced operational costs – saving fuel, tires and preserving suspension thanks to better driving quality

  • Longer vehicle life – keeping your fleet in a good condition by reducing aggressive driving

  • Increased road safety – less harsh maneuvers mean safer roads

  • Cutting down exhaust gas emissions – smooth acceleration and maneuvering reduce engine load and, as a result, fuel consumption and gas emissions

  • Enhanced cargo safety – responsible driving lowers the risk of damage to cargo

Why Skytrack

To successfully resolve fleet trailers, semitrailers, and tank tracking challenges, we offer an indispensable combo from Skytrack – wireless Bluetooth technology-based brand-new ID beacons, functional Android/iOS mobile apps for prompt configuration, scanning, debugging, and the most sophisticated GPS trackers to help logistics business succeed.

Skytrack is the right place to get all you need to succeed – an impressive variety of certified GPS trackers, accessories, and solutions for any use case imaginable in the vehicle telematics industry. We research, design, develop, manufacture, innovate, supply products, and provide impeccable customer service to our business partners and clients worldwide.

Featured Products: FMB920 / FMC130

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