White Label – Skytrack

White Label

Use our fleet management and asset tracking platform with your branding and grow your business together with us!
We’ve designed our offer to fit both new and existing business needs. Explore the features and join our growing global partner network!

How It Works

Switch to Skytrack

Enhance your existing fleet management and asset tracking business by switching to our state-of-the-art platform:
✓ User-friendly, customisable, mobile-ready system
✓ Easy device transfer and configuration
✓ Access to our advanced CRM system
✓ Mobile applications with your branding
✓ Professional and friendly client support

Start your tracking business

Offer our fleet management and asset tracking plaform and hardware with your branding to businesses with vehicle fleets:
✓ Full branding
✓ No heavy investments
✓ State-of-the-art platform and hardware
✓ More than 300 integrated devices
✓ Industry training, guidance and support
✓ All necessary marketing material available

January 10, 2022
White Label

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