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The main reasons for insurance payouts are car accidents and thefts. There are at least 7 million cases of stolen vehicles around the world every year and this number keeps growing. Figures in traffic accident statistics are even greater. Real time tracking, warnings when theft attempt or crash is detected, and possibility to trace accidents – all this helps to identify the culprit and reduce expenses when an unforeseen event occurs.

How It Works

Tracker For Insurance Telematics Industry

The vast majority of all car crashes worldwide are caused by drivers’ errors and unwanted behaviour what brings a lot of troubles for businesses, traffic participants, police, society, and costs billions every single year. To address this issue, here at Skytrack  Telematics we have developed and manufactured a sophisticated GPS tracker with a unique feature set and accurate data dedicated to insurers and corporate fleets.

Pay as you drive

With the market penetration of telematics companies in the B2C segment being quite limited, this use case is a great platform for Telematics Service Providers to reach new target groups such as the owners of private vehicles. Pay As You Drive is a fairly well-known business model, which provides better risk management tools for insurance companies and better service quality and commercial conditions to the drivers willing to install GPS trackers and comply to road rules.

Anti-Theft Solution and Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Vehicle theft is one of the world’s fastest growing crimes as thieves turn to using highly advanced equipment, e.g. jammers. By jamming GPS signals, the criminals aim to interfere and inhibit the performance of a tracking device – its ability to monitor and gather important information. Luckily, Skytrack trackers have a functionality that can detect jamming and help to prevent theft or to recover a stolen vehicle.

December 2, 2021
Insurance Companies
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