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Delivery Services

Quick and professional distribution of goods is a key to profit in delivery business. Route optimization can reduce your fuel expenses up to 30%, while driver identification and behavior monitoring will ensure high delivery standards and traceability whenever any complaints need to be investigated. Gain full control of your fleet and resources with our solutions.

How It Works

Goods Tracking with BLE Beacons and Sensors

The shift in the global economy has triggered not only the online shopping surge and the demand for delivery services but the major challenges too. To remain competitive and profitable, delivery businesses have to look for innovative and efficient solutions. Wireless Bluetooth technology combined with process monitoring and automation opens up new horizons in the vehicle telematics industry, making a significant difference.

Dualcam Solution for Delivery Services

The latest shift in the global economy has triggered many changes, including online shopping behaviours and popularity that are likely to have lasting effects for many years to come. It caused a spike in demand for courier and delivery services and, unfortunately, some major concerns related to it too. To assist delivery companies with that, Skytrack has developed a thorough present-day vehicle telematics solution.

Vaccine distribution

Vaccines save millions of lives every year. Immunization has proved its immense value in preventing such diseases as measles, polio, diphtheria and many more. Recent developments show that its significance will only continue to rise with the COVID-19 pandemic clearly indicating how fragile our world is. Vaccines are vital for getting back to regular life and effective logistics solutions are needed to make sure they are delivered in proper quality.

Speed limiting solution

Due to the accidents caused by over speeding, corporate fleet businesses and insurance companies suffer from huge losses in most of the countries globally. This can often lead to a loss in productivity, reduction in revenue, paying insurance costs (if it’s the driver’s fault), as well as medical and collateral damage costs. To help resolve this major concern, here at Skytrack Telematics we have developed and manufactured a unique GPS tracker with the speed limiter feature.

Driver’s body temperature monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting most of the countries and businesses around the world. Many governments keep introducing various lockdown measures including mandatory body temperature daily screening procedure for company and organization personnel along with the fleet drivers. GPS tracker with Bluetooth connectivity in a combination with modern electronic wearables can be an effective and affordable solution for this matter.

Green driving Solution

Growing world population and development of new technologies contribute to the growth in use of transport – more transportation is needed to carry people and goods, businesses like car sharing services, food delivery platforms, and e-commerce emerge and expand. Meanwhile, driving style is one of the factors directly influencing fuel consumption and vehicle life. If it is managed well, the saved costs can be used to strengthen a company and its competitive advantages.

Fleet Maintenance Schedules (Delivery)

Delivery service is a business where efficiency is everything. Customers expect their goods to be delivered in time and meeting these expectations is a must if the company wants to make a solid profit. Anything what causes delays should be minimized or eliminated. Facilitated by GPS devices, timely vehicle maintenance can greatly reduce the number of irregularities and, thus, help the business grow.

December 2. 2021
Delivery Services
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