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Car Sharing & Rental

Knowing vehicle’s current location, status and track history is crucial for all car sharing and rental service providers. Gain full control of your fleet with our solutions – prevent theft with remote car lock management, receive notifications of possible contract violations, and monitor driver behavior and areas where the vehicles are driven.

How It Works

Auto Dealers

The automobile dealer industry is comprised of the two main segments – new car dealers and used car dealers. In recent years, the sales of used cars have become a major source of profit for many new car dealers in the wake of shrinking margins on new cars. By keeping the track of fleet conditions, the industry can enhance customer retention and overall customer service.

Secure vehicle disabling

Motor vehicle theft is one of the world’s biggest concerns and the fastest growing crimes in many countries around the world. This great challenge for car rental agencies, carsharing clubs, businesses, state organisations and private car owners caused property losses of over 6 billion US dollars globally in 2018. Luckily for them, Skytrack GPS trackers have a remote secure engine cut-off (SECO) functionality that can help to recover a stolen vehicle and prevent the loss.

Car Rentals

Knowing the vehicle’s current location, status and route history is vital for all car sharing and car rental service providers. With the solution provided by Skytrack you can gain full control of your fleet. Get alerts for potential vehicle break-ins and prevent theft with remote car engine shutdown management. Monitor the driving behavior of the driver and the areas where the vehicles are moving.

Car Sharing Solution

Recently, we have seen the development of car-sharing services used by private individuals, companies and public institutions alike. These client groups, even though different, all seek comfortable and efficient use of vehicles. Reasons to use such services include fleet optimization, convenience, a sudden need for vehicles, business trips, trips abroad, etc. Also, such matters as car insurance, tire change, maintenance, or car wash are taken care of for the client.


If we only take under consideration the two capital cities of Greece, Athens and Thessaloniki, taxis reach up to 20.000. Taxis are very essential for our everyday life and many people use them daily. Professionals on this field, constantly search ways to upgrade their services towards their customers.
Telematics become a very important piece of this puzzle.

December 3, 2021
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