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Agricultural machinery has advanced a lot in recent years with modern tractors or harvesters costing more than a sports car. It is essential to keep track of such valuable assets. Thanks to our solutions, you will have a full control over the machinery by knowing its current position, driver activities and other vital information.

How It Works

Telematics for Agriculture and Farming Industry

To satisfy the growing demand for farming produce and tackle many challenges affecting the agriculture industry, present-day farmers have to be more innovative, efficient, competitive, but save resources at the same time. As a result, comprehensive, affordable, and customisable agricultural machinery tracking solutions combined with process monitoring and automation are becoming not only an attractive option but rather a necessity.

Fleet Maintenance Schedules (Agriculture)

From tractors and harvesters to sprayers and mowers, there is a wide array of equipment used in farming. Agricultural machinery is complex by itself bringing a number of matters to consider for its managers – productivity levels, safety of operation, and fuel expenditure, to name just a few. Timely vehicle maintenance is one of them too and, luckily, GPS devices come to assistance to facilitate this task.

December 2, 2021
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