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Keep track of all the actions that happen through the day and concern your fleet. Logbook represents information received from RFID and iButton devices. All changes of drivers, trailers and passengers can be loaded or exported for analysis.

How It Works

Keep Detailed Records

Drivers, through their application, have access to useful information about their route as well as the ability to track in GPS format. In addition, they may manually fill in other information about their route, such as in case of failure or delay. All the actions and reports can be viewed by the manager in real time and in history form.

✓ Save time and space by keeping detailed digital records of vehicle usage

✓ Allow or deny access on demand

Customised to Fit Your Needs

In the final routing phase, GPRS generates a detailed report for each route that includes all route events that are of value to the administrator. For example, it may include all route stops, refueling points, total route costs, route delays, stamp mismatches, non-receipt of cargo, inability to assign a route (off-road vehicle) and much more. Everything can be customized according to your needs.

✓ Safe and easy to access
✓ Add custom important fields

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    January 10, 2022
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