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History Data

Shows all stored data which server has collected from connected devices for chosen period of time

How It Works

Get The Most Out of Your Data

Make the most of the ability provided by the GPRS application to see in the form of a history all the events that were recorded. GPRS monitoring works on a 24-hour basis, continuously recording every data transmitted by the devices in the history. There is the ability to instantly access all data, both in real time and in the form of a history of the last 3 months, while you can export the data to any supported file format.

Software stores information received from GPS tracking devices, such as speed, time, location, stops, reports, events, etc. History is displayed in different ways: visually on the map, in a graph or HTML/XLS format.

Generate Custom Reports

Use a wide range of collected data to generate intuitive and visually pleasing reports regarding day-to-day operations. Analyze your data per user / vehicle, set specific data range and monitored values.

January 10, 2022
History Data

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