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GPS Padlock

Protect and control your assets remotely, while tracking. Our solution comes with a management platform and a global coverage sim, that makes possible the operation of the padlock remotely. RFID card control is available too, while the whole solution can be integrated to our fleet management platform, or run as a standalone product.

How It Works

Robust and Flexible

This pioneering device promotes cargo safety to a higher level. Its’ unique features and adaptivity makes it a valuable tool for every professional. Its’ heavy duty and all weatherproof design, make this product a perfect choice for every - day use.

✓ Built-in rechargeable battery, no external power source required
✓ Equipped with GPS capabilities, reports its location
✓ Cellular technology that communicates the lock's status to your phone and/or the Internet
✓ "Key-less" design reduces the risk of losing keys and greatly increases operational efficiency
✓ Feature-rich online platform provides real time maps, reports, alerts, lock status, users, supervisors recorded information
✓ Heavy-duty, robust, rain-proof and all weather proof design with IP67 certification

See the Big Picture

When integrated to the platform, no keys are required for the use of the lock. It can be remotely controlled and allow the fleet manager to inspect cargo safety from his office.

When stand alone, the lock can be locked and unlocked by the track driver using a keycard.
Every status change of the lock is monitored and recorded in real time and can be also accessed in history form.

✓ Provides real-time information for monitoring, tracking and securing your assets
✓ Feature-rich on-line web platform provides management, user reports, analysis and data recording
✓ Provides the first line of real time defense on your valuables
✓ Reliable and functional with a worldwide coverage
✓ Cost effective remote security, monitoring and locking solution
✓ A wide range of communication device of your choice –e.g.cell phone, PC, or tablet

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    January 10, 2022
    GPS Padlock
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