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Fleet Efficiency

An automated solution for measuring fleet performance, regardless of its size and usage patterns

How It Works

Tracking Fleet Performance Is a Challenge

Our solution helps to tackle it by providing an automated calculation of your fleet efficiency on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

Calculations Based On Ignition Time On

The most convenient way to compare efficiency between vehicles that are used only for specific hours of the day, driving when being operated or used in a stationary state

5 Dashboards To Show It All

✓ Average efficiency
✓ Average daily driving time
✓ Average daily idle time
✓ Average daily ignition off time
✓ Average daily ignition on time

Data For a Specific Period of Time

Get your fleet efficiency overview in a day, week or month view

Convenient Efficiency Analysis

Track the data by your chosen vehicle groups, ungrouped vehicles or the whole fleet

Reasons To Have an Automated Fleet Efficiency Solution

✓ Make fact-based, informed decisions about the size and usage of your fleet
✓ Reduce fuel and maintenance costs that will save your time and money
✓ See the big picture and improve the way how your business operations work

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    January 10, 2022
    Fleet Efficiency
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