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API Integrations

We offer a variety of integrations to automatically send and receive fleet data from external systems. From the leading IT systems in transport and logistics industry, to custom integrations with your accounting and warehouse system – we’ll make sure you have everything you need in one place

How It Works

Supply Chain Management

These integrations will provide transparency and visibility for all of your assets and deliveries throughout your entire supply chain and helph to manage your day-to-day business operations

Carrier & Truckload Marketplace

We have developed and integration with some of the largest carrier and truckload marketplaces that allows you to send vehicle's location data directly to the external systems. That allows you to easuly find the best routes and maximise your fleet efficiency.

Tachograph Data Analysis

Skyrack supports digital tachigraph data transfer to external analysis systems, providing that the vehicle and driver card data is automatically sent for analysis right after download.

Skytrack API

We have our own API that allows to receive historical vehicle data as well as real-time location data. Integration can be easily integrated in your company's management system.

Skytrack SSO

Skytrack single sign-on solutions will ease the user access management process in medium and large companies by ensuring a simple, unified login process to the other company systems.

Hardware Integrations

Connection and data transfer to various hardware solutions that businesses use for fleet management, such as alcohol interlocks, tire pressure measurement devices, BLE sensors for asset tracking and more.

Toll Roads

Our client's vehicles travel all across the world, thus we've ensured that our platform is integrated with some of the most widely use toll road payment platforms, making sure all toll road fees are paid automatically.

Device API Integrations

We've built multiple integrations with the world's leading IoT solution providers and other platforms to make sure you can automatically receive tracking device data from these platforms to Skytrack GPRS

Fuel Control

Those who use additonal fuel control tools will benefit from the integrations that offer all fuel-related data transfer to the Skytrack GPRS platform. There, all information will be available in one place offering a thorough fuel consumption overview of the company fleet.

January 10, 2022
API Integrations

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