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Jet Ski Tracking


Jet skiing can be a thrilling and enjoyable experience for many reasons. It is exciting adventure, a great summer activity and a good way to relief stress. Jet skiing is a unique experience that not everyone gets to try. It can be a memorable and exciting way to break up your routine and try something new.


In terms of Jet Skis, the equipment that will be available must be of high quality to withstand the harsh cruising conditions such as moisture, corrosion from salt, vibrations, etc. In addition, most applications on the market do not have specialized nautical charts, making it difficult for users to use the application.


To deal with the above issues, Skytrack offers its customers tracker devices with anti-vibration system and high moisture protection index (IP65). Also its software is equipped with marine maps facilitating the user experience since it can see marine signs such as lighthouses, drywalls, ship lines etc.



  • Durable high quality equipment

  • Easy installation

  • Possibility of additional notifications after special installation

  • Anti-theft protection

  • Updates for removing the boat from anchorage due to weather conditions

  • Easy to locate in case of immobilization in the sea

Why Skytrack

The solution we offer is suitable for all types of Jet Skis. Our solutions combine high quality at a competitive price while at the same time we offer specialized services according to your needs.

Featured Product: FMT100

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