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For more than 20 years, ELA Innovation has been designing and manufacturing wireless IoT beacons & sensors that deploys in various industries around the world. Embedding different wireless communication technologies (BLE, Wirepas, MESH, Quuppa), the company’s products can be integrated to many use cases in different sectors: Transport and Telematics, Construction & Smart-building, Industry 4.0 and Healthcare. ELA Innovation’s mission is to accompany, in partnership with solution integrators, companies in the digitalization of their processes.

The Partnership

Skytrack, being the partner of choice for many leading companies in Greece and abroad, is in need of a reliable partner who will supply the company with trusted hardware that is of equal value to the software it creates. With ELA Innovation’s products the company is able to give to its customers the ability to monitor the temperatures in their truck’s cooling chambers and control when and for how long the doors were opened during loading and unloading giving precise data.

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