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Car tracking, protection and safety


Everyone wants to know the condition of their vehicle at all times and to be immediately informed about all the changes that occur during their absence such as movement, activation of alarm, etc. Skytrack GPS tracker offers you all the above and in combination with our know-how and excellent customer service is the top choice for an objective solution.


We all want to be able to monitor the condition of our vehicle at all times. When we know the location, condition or changes that occur to the vehicle in our absence, we can react in a timely manner by preventing a possible attempted theft.

The potential perpetrators of the theft of a vehicle, have developed their methods in order to bypass the “obstacles” set by the owners (alarm, etc.) in order to achieve their purpose. That’s why companies are trying to evolve the means of protection they offer to make them inaccessible.


Skytrack has developed an advanced GPS tracking system using high-tech devices that have battery autonomy, are equipped with GLOBAL type SIM cards that connect to the strongest pillar in each area while their small size allows easy installation in an invisible and accessible place in the vehicle.

Combined with the platform created by Skytrack with a signal renewal every few seconds, it gives the vehicle owner the opportunity for a timely response to prevent a possible malicious action on his vehicle.

The user can be constantly updated via computer or tablet while the Skytrack mobile app allows continuous monitoring via mobile.



  • Suitable for all types of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles)

  • Reliability and security – the owner will know if the tracker is disconnected

  • Protecting the vehicle even when parked – unauthorized movement is detected

  • Professional trackers can read a variety of CAN data parameters

Why Skytrack

The solution we offer is suitable for all types of vehicles and comes with a variety of functions. In addition to being an effective anti-theft device, it also provides you with many other benefits.

Featured Product: FMB920

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