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Vehicle Surveilance

An important factor in choosing a GPS tracker is the added value it can offer to the end user, whether it is a fleet business or a private individual who wants to protect their vehicle from theft.

The main factors for choosing the right GPS tracker are:

  • The specifications of the device
  • The monitoring capabilities
Skytrack GPS tracker devices come from the largest manufacturer in Europe, Teltonika, based in Lithuania. The devices are equipped with a high-performance GNSS antenna and a Skytrack global SIM card with a strong signal in over 200 countries. The internal memory of the devices ensures the recording of events even when there is no network connection, thus providing full coverage of vehicle movements. Having internal memory also allows the devices to be upgraded, offering new features and upgrading existing ones completely free of charge – an advantage that no other GPS devices on the market have. Also, with the backup battery they have, the devices can remain active even if the power supply is lost or if someone disconnects the device.

Our Platform

The most important advantage of Skytrack devices is that any vehicle equipped with them can be easily, quickly and efficiently detected through our GPRS detection platform. GPRS is a powerful fleet tracking and management tool that allows you to track vehicles in real time (every few seconds), and provides a variety of user-configurable alerts and solutions such as routing, costing and more. GPRS is also easily accessible for individuals who want to protect their vehicles from theft, with a variety of anti-theft alerts.

The ideal solution includes the appropriate device which will cover the individual requirements of the customer in combination with our GPRS platform. For example, the most common device we use is the FMB 920, which can be installed in cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats while it has features that make it ideal for both professionals and individuals. Indicatively, these features include setting up an automatic or manual barrier (around the vehicle or anywhere on the map), tow detection, eco driving, engine fault detection, virtual odometer, battery / device disconnection detection, instant alerts / sms) and much more. The user can configure the services he wants from mobile, computer and tablet through the GPRS application.

Skytrack GPS trackers also support BLE technology which significantly extends their functionality. For example, if a customer wants to receive more telematics data, then through a special connection data such as kilometers, engine operating hours, engine errors, fuel level, cabin temperature and humidity and much more can be transmitted.

In addition, the devices accept many extensions in order to achieve the immobilization of the vehicle via SMS or the authentication of drivers and passengers, always depending on the needs of the customer. Another possible way to use them is to monitor assets during transport or for indoor monitoring.

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