TAXI – Skytrack
Fleet Management Vehicle Tracking & Protection


Taxis first appeared in London, in 1600s in the form of horse-carriages. Since then, they evolved and became one of the most popular means of transportation worldwide.

In Greece, originally appeared in Athens, in 1905. Today, almost 125 years later, taxis are in their peak. Life pace has increased, and everybody wants to save time even when using a taxi. So, taxi drivers to become more efficient, created taxi companies with calling centers so people could just “order” a taxi by phone, instead of seeking one in the streets. The need for a Fleet Management service was the next thing to come up, so to organize their routes and let the passengers know when their taxi is due to arrive. Phone centers can check the position of each driver without calling him, taxi owners could check upon drivers that rented their taxi to work etc. Telematics really gave them a boost to their daily routine.

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