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SIM cards

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communication is data transmission and measurement between electronic and mechanical devices without human intervention. As a partner with Skytrack, you get one provider to fulfill all your global M2M SIM-card needs. Fast, easy, and efficient, adding value to your core business or your customers.

M2M and IoT are changing the world in which we live in. Technology allows us to connect virtually everything to the Internet, and within the next few years, more than 50 billion devices will be connected. With a Skytrack M2M solution, you get the most secure and reliable network provider that enable M2M and IoT app applications and allow people and enterprises to trust in our connected world.

Our Solution

Skytrack is a specialist in the field of M2M and IoT connectivity. We focus on custom-made solutions and aim to provide the most efficient SIM card option to meet your connectivity needs.

With Skytrack you gain easy access to more than 650 networks spread across 200 countries. This helps you provide user-friendly experiences through outstanding connectivity reliability. SIM M2M connectivity addresses the challenges of managing multiple carriers that do not share pricing rules or agreement terms.

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