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Remote Vehicle Immobilization

Vehicle theft is a major problem for both individuals and companies with fleets. Skytrack provides an answer to this problem with the remote immobilization of vehicles.

Statistics show that thefts do not only affect cars and motorcycles but also trucks, buses, scooters or electric skates. Most of them are disassembled, sold for spare parts and never found.

Another important statistic concerns stolen rental cars. There were 92,000 stolen rental cars in the United States alone between 2015 and 2018, and less than half were eventually identified.

Our Solution

Skytrack’s solution is Remote Immobilization, which is used to prevent unauthorized users from operating a vehicle by gradually decelerating and shutting down the engine in safe conditions. This enables the user to safely prevent the movement of a vehicle via command from the GPRS platform or via SMS. Throughout the process, the user has full control in real time through the GPRS platform.

This feature can be applied in different ways depending on the type of vehicle and the GPS tracking device installed. As an added security measure, all Skytrack GPS trackers have additional anti-theft features such as device disconnection detection, tow detection and obstacles (automatic and manual), ensuring that the user is constantly informed about everything that happens in their vehicle.

Skytrack remote immobilization solutions apply to both private vehicles as anti-theft solutions and professional vehicle fleets in various industries, such as courier services, supply chains, cargo carriers, taxi fleets, corporate fleets, ships, and this feature can be combined with driver recognition solution for more security and better control.


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