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Overspeeding Control

Excessive speed is one of the most common factors associated with accidents, however few drivers consider it an immediate risk to their safety.
As drivers experience a variety of distractions while driving, they may exceed speed limits either unintentionally or in order to complete their work at a predetermined time, such as a cargo delivery or a customer appointment.

However, constant acceleration and high-speed development dramatically increase the risk of causing an accident that can lead to property damage, loss of cargo or, even worse, serious injury!

About a third of all road injuries and deaths are due to excessive acceleration and aggressive driving style. In short, people generally prefer to drive faster than safe and speed remains the number one problem of road accidents worldwide.

Globally, road accidents cost employers about $ 60 billion each year in legal and medical expenses, property losses, and lost employee productivity.

With regard to the issue of driving liability, the driver – corporate or private, novice or experienced – has personal responsibility for the infringements. However, companies must take the necessary steps to minimize these risks by protecting the driver, his vehicle and his cargo.

Our Solution

To address the problems caused by speeding, Skytrack has developed a complete solution that allows tracking of each driver’s driving behavior and speed limitation via GPS tracker. Initially, the fleet manager can, through the GPRS monitoring platform, set a speed limit for each vehicle individually or for all of them and then be informed in real time in case of speed limits. The actual speed of the vehicle can be easily detected using one of the three available methods – speedometer data, GNSS data or OBD device data, depending on the vehicle and the type of tracker device installed.

For example, let’s say that the speed limit is set at 90 km / h. If the driver reaches the set speed limit and continues to accelerate, the fleet manager will be notified immediately that the speed limit has been exceeded. This notice will be recorded in the history of the vehicle with the exact location and time of the violation.
Also, with the installation of a special buzzer in the vehicle, it is possible to notify the driver of the violation. For example, if the vehicle speed reaches 85 km / h (slightly below the preset 90 km / h limit), the buzzer will alert the driver that the speed limit is approaching.

At the same time, Skytrack’s GPRS monitoring platform supports a variety of features that can be used in conjunction with speed control, such as eco driving, fuel metering, tow detection, fleet routing and more, offering a truly integrated fleet management solution. This solution is mainly applied by delivery services, courier services, logistics and taxi fleets.

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