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Motorcycle Tracking

Motorcycles are one of the most popular modes of transportation in the world, as there are more than 200 million motorcycles worldwide. In cities, motorcycles can lead to places where other vehicles can not be used and be the fastest way to travel when there is a traffic problem.

Initially, it is important to secure the vehicle so that the owner knows exactly where it is located and its condition at all times. Especially in cities, where motorcycles are exposed and are an “easy” target for thieves. For this reason it is important to have the ability to immediately detect and steal a motorcycle, which can be achieved using a GPS tracker.

But here lies another important issue. There are many places where a tracker can be installed in a car, but the mounting space on a motorcycle is quite limited.

Also, the battery capacity of a motorcycle is much smaller compared to the battery of a car, so there is a risk of discharging the vehicle battery if it is not moved for a long time. In addition, traveling by motorcycle is usually shorter than traveling by car, which means that the internal battery of the GPS tracker will have less charging time than a car.

Our Solution

Skytrack provides the answer to the above problems, with the GPRS monitoring platform. The solution offered is not limited to simple monitoring. SMS messages and static indications on the map are definitely a thing of the past.

The GPRS platform provides real-time tracking and a variety of alerts (every few seconds). In this way, the owner of the motorcycle knows at all times its current location and is immediately informed on his mobile phone, computer and / or tablet about anything that concerns him.

Technical challenges:

There are many different models of motorcycles, in different sizes and with different characteristics. Skytrack has the right equipment for all types of motorcycles, supporting 6V-30V power supply. This practically means that even the smallest scooters can be connected to our devices and have all the advantages of the GPRS platform.

All our trackers support low power modes. For example, in deep-sleep mode, a GPS device will use less than 2mA, thus minimizing the use of the motorcycle battery when not in use.

Through GPRS, tracker devices can detect and send an alert immediately when the device is disconnected from the motorcycle battery or notify the owner if the battery level drops to a very low value.

Other features include, tow detection, automatic anti-theft alarms, detailed history, maintenance alerts and more that can be easily configured via GPRS.

Skytrack’s motorcycle tracking solution is suitable for all types of motorcycles and is aimed at both individuals and companies (such as parcel and delivery services) who want to manage their fleet and drivers more efficiently.

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