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KLEEMANN Hellas was founded in 1983, having acquired the know-how and license of the German company KLEEMANN HUBTECHNIK GmbH for hydraulic lifts. KLEEMANN is one of the largest manufacturers of elevators in the world market. Having developed significant experience in the industry since 1983, it continues to invest in know-how and implement strategies that contribute to development, always ensuring quality, reliability, and safety for its products

The Group provides solutions in more than 100 countries worldwide, through its customer network, which includes installation and maintenance companies.

Today KLEEMANN is internationally recognized and continues to expand its market share worldwide, having gained market appreciation thanks to its culture, reliability, innovative design, and flexible service.

Our Solution

Skytrack’s contribution to Kleemann’s international reputation, was that we built a global network, also providing them with global SIM cars and a platform that allows them to manage the network. Kleemann put together a service center to each country that has presence and after proper installation to the lifts, Klemmann’s technicians receive an alert each time there is a problem with any elevator.

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